Alice Schoenfeld

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Words of wisdom from the violinist and competition founder

Music makes people more well-rounded citizens in the world

When young people see their elders enjoying something, they want to do it too. My sister and I saw how our parents loved making music together and wanted to copy them. That’s why it’s so important for parents to encourage their children in music as early as possible. It also makes practising a natural part of their lives, and something they want to do.

In my years on tour I’ve witnessed first hand how music gives people a better understanding of societies and makes them more well-rounded citizens in the world. Never forget that what you do is a cultural necessity for people around the world – especially youngsters.

To get students in the right frame of mind before a competition, I tell them that all music making is a joyful experience. Mixing with like-minded people and performing in front of them is an opportunity that they can treasure.

Every country has its own songs, art forms and modes of expression, and musicians can learn so much from each tour and competition they travel to. But two things are universal: the enthusiasm they have for the music and the pleasure they take in playing it.

Violinist Alice Schoenfeld is a jury member of the Klein Competition, which runs from 7–8 June at the California Music Center, and is co-founder of the Schoenfeld International String Competition, taking place 18–25 August 2014 in Harbin, China

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