Isabelle Faust

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The violinist shares her favourite tracks

It feels like Fischer is breathing exactly with Schwarzkopf

Busch Quartet
Schubert String Quartet no.15 in G major

I like the Busch players’ performance of this work more than any other. It seems as if their interpretation of the quartet grew naturally over many years. They have a homogeneous sound and a great common understanding of and enormous respect for the score. They also have a striking integrity and love for Schubert’s music, and a glowing, noble string sound of rare quality.

Walter Gieseking
Debussy Suite bergamasque

Gieseking performs Debussy’s music in an outstandingly natural and imaginative way. He is a true musician – not one merely playing the piano, but one imagining and producing sounds that are at times closer to the harp, the guitar and the flute. He is a painter with an incredible palette of colours and a wonderful sense of balance and timing – the pictures that appear in my mind while listening to this great master are endless.

Emma Kirkby/Freiburger Barockorchester
Bach ‘Schlummert ein, ihr matten Augen’ from Ich habe genug BWV82

Over the last few years I’ve come to see Kirkby as one of my personal muses. Her voice is one of the most beautiful imaginable for Bach’s music, and her stylistic artistry and elegance fill me with admiration. In this specific aria she sings with such tenderness, crystal-clear fragility and humble inclination, and at the same time she is radiant and majestic.

Dénes Zsigmondy and Anneliese Nissen
Dvořák Four Romantic Pieces for Violin and Piano op.75

Listening to this recording carries me back to numerous childhood summers spent with my teacher Dénes Zsigmondy. I’ve enjoyed his strong musical influence from the age of eleven, and this recording captures his way of interpreting and living music. It’s pure Zsigmondy: vitality and intuition. The music itself embraces you – it has such warmth and passion, forcing your entire body and soul to vibrate – it can leave no listener cold.

Elisabeth Schwarzkopf and Edwin Fischer
Schubert Im Frühling D882

Here we have an unforgettable duo: the special Schwarzkopf voice coupled with a pianist who plays with refinement and poetry. In this song, the duo’s interweaving communication is especially beautiful. It feels like Fischer is breathing exactly with Schwarzkopf and he plays with the same golden, velvet touch and wonderful agogic accent as we hear in her singing.

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